To address individuals’ array of needs, the field of complex care must work across sectors at both the individual and systemic levels to break down silos. Effective multi-sector partnerships are essential to building a lasting ecosystem that provides whole-person care for vulnerable populations and helps to address the social determinants of health.

Webinar: Multi-sector partnerships for population health improvement

The webinar featured speakers from ReThink Health’s Jane Erickson and Katherine Wright will discuss the landscape of multi-sector partnerships for health across the country, how to lay a foundation for sustainable partnerships, and options for financing structures to support them using learnings from ReThink’s Progress Along the Pathway for Transforming Regional Health: A Pulse Check on Multi-Sector Partnerships and Beyond the Grant: A Sustainable Financing Workbook.


  • Jane Erickson, Project Director, ReThink Health
  • Katherine Wright, Senior Program Associate, ReThink Health

Listen to the webinar here

Download the webinar slides

Webinar date: May 28, 2019